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Jan 30

This is exactly how I felt during my morning run today. But I did it! 4 mi today - slower pace, but also more traffic stops!

This is exactly how I felt during my morning run today. But I did it! 4 mi today - slower pace, but also more traffic stops!

Jan 28

My pace is getting faster!

My pace is getting faster!

Dec 09

Holiday Tea Party Scavenger Hunt 2012

1. Find 1 lipstick or Chapstick
2. Find three places you have both travelled to
3. Take a goofy picture and post it on Instagram, tag #holidayteaparty12 @lvp11
4. Find a receipt
5. Find a business card
6. Name 3 musicals that were out in theaters this year or will be out by end of 2012.
7.  Find an old student ID
8. Name People’s sexiest man alive for 2010, 2011, and this year 2012.
9. Take a picture of you two drinking out of tea cups and post it on Facebook, tag @leah Laura
10. Write a status about the tea party and tag yourselves and @leahviloria #holidayteaparty12

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Feb 16

Date Night Ideas in LA

Sick of doing the same things for date night?

Well, I have found a few fun things to do in the valley and in the city, that will strike you and your date’s fancy… whether it is a first day or your longtime beau!

Dinner & Entertainment:

Carousel Restaurant : Friday and Saturday nights this Mediterranean restaurant provides dinner and a show! You can dress up, dine, and enjoy a live band accompanied by belly dancers!

Good Conversation and Drinks: 

Next Door Lounge : If you want a romantic atmosphere, along with an era experience, Next Door Lounge provides a 1920’s speak easy experience that will give you and your date something to talk about. 

Creatively Stimulating:

Wine and Canvas : Wine and Canvas is a 3-hour painting class, where you are led how to create your own copy of famous masterpieces. While you are hard at work at your easel, you can enjoy a glass of wine (or two). There are multiple locations stationed in local hangouts. (Minimal transportation)


The Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre : Want to enjoy old classics, indie movies, and obscure films? This cozy theater plays a random array of movies that reviewers say the programming is what draws them into this place.


The Blue Whale Bar : If you want to impress your date with great jazz music, the Blue Whale provides a theater type setting to be entertained by the performers, and a bar in the back where you can entertain them with your conversation.


Ali Mama Cafe : This is a great, casual, date night hang out. Along with the recommended hookah, coffee & tea, there are board games and cards provided for you to use at your leisure!


Rent bikes from Sea Mist Rentals

Take a late afternoon ride and Bike the Santa Monica Bike Path


Upright Citizens Brigade Theater :The improv shows at UCB will provide great laughs for you and your date. Great humor and great comedy performed by well-known actors and those in training. Either way, they have a variety of different themed showcases to choose from.


Dance Downtown : Dance with your date beneath the pretty lights of Downtown LA. There is no dancing experience required, in fact, dance lessons for beginners are sprinkled throughout the night. Move to the rhythm of the DJ/live music and dance hand in hand, cheek to cheek, all night!

Happy dating!

Feb 15

“The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.” — Pearl Buck

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